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Executive Director & Founder

Transformational Living Homes (TLH) was established in 2007 by Constance Gilkie based on her lived experience with challenges of recovery from addiction and unstable housing. This inspired her to develop a program to house men and women facing the same uphill battle of lack of housing along with addiction or mental health issues. Starting in 2007 in a small condo with 3 bedrooms, TLH now has 100+ beds, and provides clients with assistance with obtaining services from many social services agencies in Long Beach and LA County. Ms. Gilkie is a 2019 graduate of Leadership Long Beach and has received much recognition for her work with marginalized segments of the homeless community.



Financial and Office Manager

Financial and Office Manager at Transformational Living Homes. She oversees all financial matters at TLH and assists the team with grant writing, special projects and overall program planning. Ms. Dhanak has over 25 years of experience in many areas ranging from owning her own business to running the operations of a large music festival to working in the nonprofit world from the sides of case management, program development, and accounting. Helping her local community and the world at large is one of her biggest passions. She values kindness, ethics and compassion. Manisha has studied social work and business; she has a certificate in project management and a multitude of skills from having built a business from the ground up that is still used as the model for a national franchise.



House Manager

Sheila brings many years of lived experience to the organization. That coupled with her Bachelors’ Degree with honors in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University makes her an invaluable member of the team. Additionally Ms. Spurlock worked for 8 years as a live in house manager at a sober living house which housed women and children.  Along with that she worked in  homeless outreach in downtown Los Angeles. Her breadth of experience makes a significant impact in her direct work with the clients on a daily basis. Experienced, trustworthy, and fun: these are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. 

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House Manager

Marvin DeRamus, a social justice warrior tirelessly advocates for homeless and at-risk populations.  He currently works as a housing specialist for Transformational Living Homes and has served on the Board of Directors for Housing Long Beach for 2 years. Mr. DeRamus has been an active volunteer for Long Beach Advocates since 2012 and is a proud graduate of the Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center, as well as a long-time student of African culture and spiritual sciences. With his unique collection of experiences, Marvin has been instrumental in mentoring the youth about the pitfalls of gang involvement. Being formerly justice-impacted, he counsels individuals re-entering Long Beach from incarceration.  As a recipient of certifications from the California Conference for Equality and Justice, the Neighbors United Leadership Program, Motivational Interviewing, and many more, Marvin continues to broaden his skills, so he can assist the community of Long Beach.



Web Designer/Artist/Tech Support/Videographer

Darin is a 5x Cancer survivor, Motivational Speaker, Content Creator, Graphic Artist & Technological wiz, who manages all things technical & electronic for TLH, as well as Designing & handling our website and video walkthroughs for TLH. Darin is also a Part 107 Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot who handles all our aerial footage of our homes.



Computer Tech | IT

Jose is one of our technical IT guys who manages web-related & technological issues. He is a computer wiz and handles all of TLH's computer related needs.



Consultant & House Manager

Juanita is an experienced consultant and supervisor who understands the struggles of identifying addiction. She helps our members with life direction, conducting an effective job search, and strategic career planning. She has worked with clients all over Los Angeles and Riverside counties at all levels, and has been there herself. Juanita combines her addiction & rehabilitation background, her compassionate yet driven coaching style, and her understanding of working alongside and guiding others to provide successful recovery results. Juanita has worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including addicts, parolees, mentally ill, those transitioning from addictions to recovery into into the workforce, and those re-establishing relationships with their families. Juanita has spent years working in this field and she finds it the most fulfilling! Through her own journey of self-exploration, she realized that her true purpose was helping others with the same struggles she went through, and as a result, she continues to pursue her passion:  "Helping others"



House Manager

Pamela is a newer member of our team who brings invaluable experiences and knowledge to TLH deriving from her own personal experiences in times past with drugs and homelessness. She has felt firsthand what a program like TLH can do for a person. She is now a certified drug and alcohol counselor as well as a mental health recovery specialist, and is also a certified ordained minister. She brings many valuable assets to the TLH team and has a very Generous and Loving personality that many around her grow to love. Her heart is dedicated to helping those with the same struggles of her past, helping them overcome them and be the best person they can be. Her experiences and history are a valuable tool in helping other members of our program at the homes that she manages.

We’re proud to be part of this collaborative force for good, and to have the privilege of making an impact on other peoples lives.


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Board Trustee

Althea McMurrian serves as a member of the TLH board and volunteers many hours a week as office assistant at the TLH main office. She has been a volunteer with TLH since it's inception. With over 40 years of corporate IT experience Althea provides knowledge and experience with back office operations and data management. Ms. McMurrian has many years of volunteering with organizations that assist low-income populations. 



Board Trustee

Nasseif Garras brings his many years of experience in financial and real estate management to TLH, and wisdom into play with regard to TLH's financial decision-making processes. Mr. Garras currently runs a tax and accounting firm and is an Enrolled Agent, Real Estate Broker and Loan Officer. He comes to us from Egypt where he served as an orthopedic surgeon for 20 years.  He enjoys time with his family and giving back to the community.